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Robert's Bariatric Services


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About Us

The Igen Process is a non traditional approach to weight loss that can be done by anyone at any time. Based on education, self-obervation and planning, it is delivered in a class and lab format. As you learn about the science behind this method through the class portion, during the lab you have the opportunity to see in your own body the biological, psychological, and behavioral influences that lead to excess weight. Not only will you understand the general concepts of weight loss and weight gain, but you will also be in a position to change your response to these influences and biases.

This is a longitudinal approach that will end when you have reached your desired ideal weight. Our weekly sessions prevent the yo-yo dieting from taking root. Lost weight is kept off through awareness and a focus on the end result.


  • The solutions are within you and available
  • What if everything you know about weight loss is wrong
  • A knowledge and common sense approach
  • There is a genetic bias to accumulate fuel! understand it and beat it!
  • Many hack at the branches, but few strike at the roots of a problem

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