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Escape Room Team Building
Looking to lock up your employee's? we can help!!
Xscape Pod escape rooms for Corporate Team Building

Looking for a fun, rewarding, and non-lame team-building adventure near you? An experience that your employees, students, and volunteers will actually get excited about? Of course you do—especially because studies like this one from the Harvard Business Review have found that productivity is directly related to a team’s energy and engagement outside of the office. So, build energy and engagement by escaping out of that boring office setting. Break that traditional team building rut (no more trust falls) and join the next generation in team building experiences where office mates, classmates, and teammates all have a part to play. Book your next out-of-office adventure at Xscape Pods!

What are the benefits of team building and why are escape rooms a good team building option?
The scientific benefits of team building—from increased group cohesion to increased morale—have been proven in tons of studies. Practice working together as a team and presto you’ll actually work better together as a team! For example, working together to overcome a problem (like say, repairing your ship before it crashes into a Sun or figuring out how to escape from a from a forgotten tomb), can improve everything from an individual’s cognitive abilities, communication skills, and overall performance. In simple terms that means team building makes for better and more productive employees.
In our view, there are three main benefits to be had from a team building experience with Xscape Pods. Improved problem-solving skills, communication and encouraging creativity; But don’t trust us—trust the science that proves why team building and escape rooms are a natural fit!
Team building with escape rooms increases creativity and enhances problem solving skills: How exactly does this flashing light relate to this locked desk drawer? Perhaps it’s to do with this clown mask I found in the corner? Or maybe this cryptic note holds the key to our escape? By thinking laterally and outside of the box, team members will learn the value of new ideas and new ways of thinking. In fact, a study found creativity increases when colleagues interact with others who challenge their beliefs and assumptions.
Team building with escape rooms motivates team members: I will solve more clues than Mike in sales who always takes my pens without asking. Seriously though, new experiences release dopamine (the feel-good compound) in the brain. And happy workers are more productive workers.
Team building with escape rooms increases communication: In an age where many of your team members might be communicating solely through email or video conferences, the social nature of escape rooms will help them help build essential communication skills. Escape rooms can help foster respectful dialogue, a creative exchange of ideas, and encourage active listening. At its most basic level, participating in an escape room adventure helps everyone get to know one another better.
Luckily, our incredible escape room challenges help develop these crucial team building skills in a fun, engaging way. Gone are the days of team building drudgery! As a bonus for organizers, the escape room experience can also reveal the strengths and weakness of a group’s dynamics—essential insight for any leader looking to maximize their team member’s skills back at the office.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." —Andrew Carnegie
What exactly can we expect from an escape room team building experience?
All your group needs are a willingness to work together and try something new! We supply the themed escape room (anything from finding a lost tomb to saving a spaceship), a game master, and 60 minutes of challenging fun! And when it’s over, your group will have plenty of time to chat and reflect on their experiences. We also offer an MPR for pre or post event meetings. The rush that everyone gets after it’s all over? That excited chatter as everyone discusses and analyzes the outcome? That’s called the “froth.” And it makes for better and happier employees. Look, we can’t say this enough: escape rooms are fun. We this know from years of experience and countless happy customers!
We’re open 5 days a week until 10:00pm—which means your company’s next team building adventure is ready and waiting. Plus, we can accommodate larger groups of up to 26 players. So, whether you’re a group of 6 or a group of 26 we’ve got an escape room experience for you!
Additional benefits of escape rooms for team building: Accessibility and Affordability, aside from the scientific benefits there are many practical benefits to choosing an escape room for your next team building exercise.
Escape rooms offer an excellent return on investment. The cost per person for an overnight corporate retreat can run up to $350 per person—a prohibitive expenditure for many groups. In comparison, the cost-per-person for an escape room adventure is a practical, affordable price point—especially with our corporate packages we offer. No need to worry about expensive transportation costs, food expenditures, or rental costs for day retreats at an out-of-the-way location. Escape rooms are your budget-friendly solution!
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